Turn Omnifocus Tasks Into Sticky Notifications with AppleScript

Screen Shot 2012 11 18 at 12 24 07 PM

I’ve been playing with this script for a while, but I finally got it so it works with just AppleScript and doesn’t require Keyboard Maestro to work. It also will now create individual sticky notifications for each Omnifocus task.

Update! (2012-11-20) Dan Byler pointed out that the script didn’t run from Omnifocus’s toolbar and that I missed the “F” in OmniFocus. My TextExpander snippet had “f” as lowercase.

Update! (2013-02-05) I noticed that my basic search and replace for “space” and then “%20″ would screw up when tasks had quotation marks in the title, I updated the script with a proper Perl URL encode shell script so now, OF2SN should be bullet proof.

Download the script updated 2013-02-05 here.