A Tickler Folder System for OS X


Updated on 2013-03-14

I made some bug fixes to the “check” apps and now they are pretty fail-proof. I also altered the “maker” app so that it creates a “Tickler” folder and then puts all the other folders inside that one. It looks cleaner and makes it easier for the “check” scripts to see if the “Tickler” folder already exists or not.

I created a nifty little AppleScript that will build a 43 Folders tickler folder system. When you launch the app, it asks you where you want to build the hierarchy, and then proceeds to build a folder for every month and a folder for every day inside each month’s folder. You can then combine that with two more scripts I wrote for checking today’s tickler and tomorrow’s tickler. I’d recommend setting these two up as launch agents with Lingon or Launch Control and have them auto-open at certain times of the day so that you can see if you have any files coming up that need to be acted on.

Download the set of files here.