on OS X: Wedge vs. Kiwi

Wedge Kiwi timeline

The two best ADN clients I’ve used on OS X are Wedge and Kiwi. Both are fully functional apps that perform the tasks you need them to. They have their own looks though. Wedge looks a bit like Tweetie for Mac and Kiwi looks more like Hibari (kind of). You can see Wedge (left) and Kiwi (right) above. Kiwi is slightly slimmer but I prefer Wedge’s sidebar of icons. You can even lose the sidebar by hitting ⇧⌘L and using just the keyboard shortcuts.

Wedge Kiwi new post

Both apps offer Twitter crossposting, but Wedge adds Facebook to the equation as well. You can choose which accounts to post to from the compose window. I like that Wedge responds to ⌘N even when the timeline is not visible. Kiwi requires you to have a timeline open to show the compose window.

Mr. Kanso: The Canned Food Bar

Mr. Kanso is a bar where you select canned food off the wall and the staff prepares it for you.

I went here tonight and had some delicious mackerel, fried chicken, eggs, pork and beans and turkey spam all from cans and served up by the wonderful staff at Mr. Kanso. It was a little expensive. The canned foods ranged from ¥250 for the mackerel up to ¥800 for the turkey spam.

It’s definitely an interesting place. If you happen to me in the Kanayama area, I recommend that you check this place out. It’s located in the Hasegawa Building on B2.

Mmm…pork and beans at a bar.

Green Tea Shaved Ice


I live near this shaved ice place. It’s memorable mostly because they have a Shiba that hangs out in front of the shop when the weather’s nice. I guess he’s like the store’s mascot. It’s a super retro place. Lots of knickknacks from days gone by line the walls and are sprinkled across the tables inside. The shaved ice is still made with an old hand-crank ice shaver and the flavors are equally retro. Not a lot of foreign influence here. The main flavors you’ll find here are matcha green tea and sweet red beans. I thoroughly enjoyed my green tea shaved ice and I plan on taking my mom here when she comes to visit next month.

Me and kakikori

Me and kakikori 002

Japanese Pet Stores

Japan has some crazy pets at their pet stores. I saw two monkeys, a couple armadillos and whole mess of other crazy animals at the mall today.




Weekend in Kansai


Spent yesterday in Osaka and today I’m heading to Kyoto. This a picture from Osaka Castle I took yesterday. It’s Osaka Castle’s 80th anniversary this year. (It’s been reconstructed after being destroyed in WW2.) I didn’t want the little girl in the photo at first, but it gives you a sense of scale for this wall art. Each small tile making up the larger image has a hand-written message from Osaka residents written on it.