Adding Laravel Nova

Published 3 weeks ago

Added Laravel Nova to the site—mostly for editing blog posts. Pretty hot stuff. I built my own crappy editing interface earlier, but this is definitely better. I suppose I need to add a published column to the database so I can control that kind of stuff—like a real CMS. Statamic it ain't, but it ain't bad either.

Most of my setup issues were things of my own doing. I couldn't get it working on the production server because I missed a message during deployment that said the git pull didn't succeed. Wasted a lot of time trying to figure out why my config didn't work—it would have, I just wasn't successfully deploying the changed config file.

I had been wanting to use Nova since its release, and the Black Friday sale was a good kick in the pants to buy a license. Glad I picked it up, and I'm looking forward to trying out some plug-ins and seeing what else I can do with this now.

Update: 2018-11-25

Had a little time to think about Nova since last night when I got it mostly set up. I'm really excited about the possibilities. I don't have anything other than this blog to take advantage of Nova right now, but I could see building lots of little personal things that are just for myself that I could use Nova to manage.