Mass Effect: Deception


A lot of Mass Effect fans have been angered by the latest Mass Effect novel, Deception. While the quality of the story has been called into question, most of the furor is due to the myriad of inconsistencies with existing Mass Effect lore. Fans have collected them into a single document. After the outrage that erupted, Bioware finally commented on the situation. Bioware’s said that future editions of the book will contain fixes, but that’s still pretty crappy. All the people who bought paper books would have to buy new copies and even owners of iBooks or Kindle versions, while possible to get updated versions, will probably have to buy a newer edition (because most publishers are greedy bastards).

Now, having ceded that Deception is full of errors, the story isn’t awful. And keep in mind that the previous Mass Effect novels, while consistent with franchise lore weren’t literary masterpieces either. I can’t join in with everyone in their book burning, but I do wish William Dietz had paid more attention to the accuracy of his writing, and I wish the stewards of the Mass Effect franchise had paid more attention to what they put their name on. In the end, it’s a little the author’s fault, but I feel most of the blame belongs to the people at Bioware for allowing the book to be published with all its errors.

2011: Renewed Desire

I thought that while I’m at home with the flu, it’d be a good time to post something about my renewed desire to improve myself this year. Alex and I talked a bit about our need to get out of our ruts a few weeks back on our podcast, so I went ahead and got some books for my new Kindle that might help me get my ass in gear. Both books I got were penned by Timothy Ferriss.


For my peace of mind I picked up The 4-Hour Workweek. Its key theme is about not trying to be rich, but to be able to live lives like that of the rich. It’s about freeing up your time and not trying to work for retirement, but to live for your own enjoyment.


For my body I picked up The 4-Hour Body. This book is filled with much more practical information than Ferriss’ other book. It’s got great advice about rapid weight loss, strength building and it’s packaged in pretty easily digestible chunks. The theme of the book is about doing enough to initiate positive physical change without wasting time and energy.