Let’s Not Get the Flu

I’m absolutely terrified of getting the flu right now. I got the flue twice last year and I do not want to get it again this year. Aichi Prefecture is under a flu warning, and kids are dropping left and right. I checked my temperature twice already this morning and didn’t have a fever, but I’m still afraid it’s going to spike. I felt kind of crappy yesterday (that’s a clinical term) and this morning, my throat hurt even worse.


  • wearing a mask when interacting with the kids
  • lots of Purrell and other disinfectants after interacting with the kids or using the train
  • consuming lots of fluids (particularly sports drinks)

I’m not sure any of this will keep me safe. I got a flu shot, but I’m inclined to believe that it can only protect you so much from the germs that kids are running around with. All my years of public school education and I never once got the flu. As soon as I start teaching kids here in Japan…I get the damn flu.

Over the Hump, Again


Well, I’ve been pretty quiet lately. I had the flu, again. If you’re laughing, I’ll forgive you if you’re laughing again. The doctor even laughed at me. I did however get a full week off from work, and I’m heading back tomorrow for less than three weeks of work before breaking for spring vacation again. I’ve been keeping myself occupied with completing Farscape and a whole mess of Westerns. I’ll be talking about them all on I Don’t Know If You Know This.

Flu’s Gone

So, I’m pretty sure this whole flu thing is over. I barely need to blow my nose, I hardly cough and I have more of a headache than anything else. Gonna make my first supermarket trip since Friday here in a bit. I’ve been eating far too many boiled wieners and ordering too much Domino’s during this whole flu thing.

Look at me.


As I said the other day, I came down with the flu. Because of this, I haven’t left the house except to go to the convenience store the last four days. Domino’s has been a good friend as well. My razor saw my face for the first time since Friday too. So this is the mighty stubble that grew out of that.