Assassin’s Creed 4 and Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC Trailers

Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Trailer

I’m always excited to see more AC, but these trailers don’t actually show anything. The Xbox blog had some info, like AC4′s been in the works for two years (wasn’t AC 3 in the works for three years?) and I wonder how many AC games they develop at the same time. It’s disconcerting how many different teams build these games, and it’s no wonder they go from great to awful year to year. Will AC4 be another Brotherhood or a Revelations?

Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC Trailer

I’m sad to see the final Mass Effect 3 DLC coming out. I’m glad we’re getting more DLC but it’s sad that it’s gonna be the last and we don’t know when Mass Effect 4 will be out.

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Classes

Last updated on 2012-09-24



The human adept can do a lot for crowd control. The singularity/warp combo is huge. When specced for large biotic detonations, the effect can be devestating. You can catch multiple enemies in a singularity and explode them for huge damage and force. The singularity can be cast rapidly. The long cool down of the warp is the biggest bottleneck for the combo. Also, the singularity can’t pick up any enemy with armor.


The asari adept is my favorite adept. Throw is a beast. It cools down fast and can get enemies flying. You can catch multiple enemies in a stasis bubble, detonate it, and do lots of damage to everyone caught in it. The asari adept also has warp, so you can warp an armored enemy and hit them with throw for a biotic detonation. As with the human adept, the long cool down of the warp can be a bottleneck, not to mention the even longer cool down of the stasis.


The drell can be great, and they can be tough. The drell can’t do massive damage and its crowd control isn’t great. No singularity and no stasis. You get pull, but pull isn’t nearly as effective. You get reave, however, which can detonate pull and can drain life from enemies. You can spec it out to be more effective against armor and barriers. I’d recommend a good weapon when playing with the drell adept. Unlike the human and asari, you can’t get by on biotics alone.




The krogan solider is a tank. You get fortification to strengthen your shields. Carnage does a lot of damage and can affect multiple enemies. The krogan also has a huge weight capacity (Claymores aren’t a problem) and its melee is super powerful.


The turian soldier is boring. The concussive shot is useful but the proximity mine is hard to master (for me) and the marksman ability’s usefulness is lost on me as well. I’d recommend jacking up the turian soldier with weapon damage and good shields. Let him shoot his way through.



The human sentinel has great potential as a “caster”. They have both warp and throw which gives them the ability to create their own biotic explosions. The tech armor also gives them the ability to sit there pounding away on an atlas and not take as much damage as their non-sentinel squadmates.


The turian sentinel is a true sentinel. He has a biotic power (warp) and a tech power (overload). He can strip the shields off an atlas and warp its armor. The turian sentinel might be the best “all around* character in Mass Effect 3′s multiplayer.


Haven’t unlocked the krogan sentinel yet.


I’m a bad person. I love the batarian sentinel. It’s got the lame shockwave, and the blade armor isn’t great. The blade armor acts like the tech armor. You get minor damage protection and it slows down your power use. The blade armor does grant you a melee bonus and reflect melee damage done to you back at the enemy! The submission net (read, slave net) incapacitates enemies long enough for you to defeat (read, rape and enslave) them. I found great success with taking all the melee upgrades and going shotguns only. You can take down enemies for around 10 seconds and you can melee the shit out of enemies. It was on bronze, but I took down a full health and barrier phantom with one punch.

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut

Mass effect 3 extended cut pc ps3 xbox 360 screenshots 2

The New & Improved Starchild

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut added (or better put, subtracted) a lot from the Starchild. The Starchild wasn’t defined very well in the original Mass Effect 3 endings and now it’s established that he is an AI constructed by the creators of the Reapers to manage the chaos. In a great twist, it’s now revealed that he reaped his very own creators in order to maintain order. I wasn’t surprised that the Starchild didn’t actually reveal any information about his creatores. In fact, Shepard explicitly asks about them, but the Starchild tells Shepard that it would take too long to explain it and “we don’t have much time.”


The Destroy ending was always the ending that we all wanted. The Reapers are taken care of and most of the galaxy is fine. The Geth (who we come to possibly like during the course of our playthrough) are also wiped out unfortunately. I think the Destroy ending makes the most sense for Shepard. Destroying the Reapers has been the goal of the series and this is the only way to be sure that they will never hurt anyone again. The Geth, even if you happen to like them, are not valuable enough to saved at the cost of the rest of the galaxy. Shepard is told that he won’t survive this ending, but we have all seen the “breath”. Bioware even confirmed the other day on their forums that in the Destroy ending, Shepard is in fact alive.

One of the goals for the Extended Cut, as part of addressing player feedback, was to provide more time with the love interest, and more opportunity for players to say goodbye to them and provide additional moments of connection between them. We did this in several ways: Shepard can now actually say goodbye to the love interest when they are split up at the conduit run.

When Shepard sees flashbacks of important characters during the final decision, the flashbacks are now variable based on your playthrough – so your love interest can appear as one of the flashbacks, providing another moment of reflection between Shepard and that character.

A memorial scene was added, partly to show a close bond between Shepard and the love interest. The scene is variable, and if Shepard has a love interest in a given playthrough, it will be that character who places Shepard’s name on the memorial wall.


Control might actually be the best ending of all of them. Sure, Shepard gives himself over and essentially becomes the new Starchild (and a Reaper too, possibly) but everyone lives. The Geth don’t get destroyed. Shepard’s friends live good lives. And the now-Shepard-controlled Reapers help clean the galaxy up! Shepard being a Reaper is creepy, I know, but if he’s not killing anyone, what’s there to complain about? All well that ends well, right?


Oh Synthesis. You don’t make any sense. So, Shepard uses the Crucible to rewrite the building blocks of life, gives everyone green eyes, and now we live in peace with the Reapers. Makes no God-damned sense and yet it feels like this is the ending that Bioware wants us to like. I think this was Mac Walters and Casey Hudson’s vision they keep talking about. It’s a shitty vision that has no real sacrifice for anyone. In Destroy, the Geth are sacrifice (although you’d never know because Bioware never actually shows anything happen to the Geth) and in Control Shepard has to live on forever as Reaper Babysitter in order to keep the peace. In Synthesis, everything’s hunky dory and we wipe out as much diversity as possible. Sounds like trouble to me.


Then there’s Refusal. Refusal seems to be Bioware’s direct response to the fans’ critiques of the endings. Essentially saying, “If you don’t play along with how we see everything working out, the entire galaxy has to die. At least for this cycle.”

In this ending, Shepard keeps the moral highground and doesn’t give into the Starchild. Because of this, the cycle continues and everyone is wiped out. Of course, it takes 100 years or so for this to happen, but it would’ve been nice if Bioware had actually shown Shepard’s crewmates fighting on and eventually perishing (or dying of old age, if they’re lucky).

We’re shown Liara’s time capsule which apparently helps the next cycle figure out a way to defeat the Reapers in the next cycle. Maybe the next cycle’s Shepard just chooses Destroy that time around. The new Stargazer confirms that without what the previous cycle had done, they wouldn’t have survived.

My only real problem with Refusal is that even though the galaxy is destroyed, we aren’t shown any of it. In the other touched up endings, we get to see the effects of our decisions, but in Refusal, we’re again shown almost nothing.

Mass Effect 3: Male Quarian Infiltrator

Rebellion Pack Wallpaper Goddess

I unlocked the Male Quarian Infiltrator last night. The Male Quarian Infiltrator’s three powers are Tactical Cloak (like all infiltrators), Tactical Scan and Arc Grenades. The scan seems less than useful as first, and on low level enemies, it kind of isn’t. The scan paints a big bullseye on the target that the entire squad can see, not just you. Its evolutions allow for weapon or power damage, slowing down the target’s movement speed and at 6, it can either give another damage boost or an area scan that reveals multiple enemies + doubles the duration of the scan. Since the damage boosts at 4 and 6 are for the entire squad, not just you, I went with weapon damage for 4 and at 6 it’s any type of damage. Essentially, a scanned target will take an additional 25% damage from all squad mates. This makes taking down elites much easier and if you take the level 5 evolution that slows down the target’s movement speed, you slow them down by 30%. Not a big deal on Atlases and Primes, but imagine having 30% slower Brute, Banshee or Phantom to deal with and a big glowing orange bullseye that the whole team can see. The cooldown time for the scan is pretty low, so you can keep casting it if the scan times out, so I don’t think the duration evolution is necessary at all.

The Arc Grenades are new and very nifty. The level 4 evolution can get you either more damage or more radius. The radius evolution brings the grenades up to a 10.4 meter radius. The level 5 evolution can get you an extra grenade, or, you can get an electrical field that causes extra damage over time. You can chuck an Arc Grenade into a freshly spawned group of enemies and then watch them all be effectively Overloaded in one big swath. The 6th evolution allows you to get 75% effectiveness in either armor-piercing or shields and barriers. I took armor-piercing for chucking them at bosses, but shield and barriers would be effective if you’re focusing on crowd control of trash enemies.

It’s important to note that since grenades aren’t a power, you can throw them without breaking cloak. Scanning a target, then cloaking, tossing two grenades and then unloading with your weapon deals massive damage. You’re getting 25% damage on the scanned target, 70-110% damage bonus from the cloak and 75% effectiveness against the enemies protective properties from the grenades. If you stack your abilities wisely, the Male Quarian Infiltrator is a powerhouse and a true asset to the team.

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Bugs and the Relationship with the Customer/Player

122551009 3 Switch to Harbinger voice

This hurts me.

I play a lot of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. Too much, probably. It’s pretty great that a game I loved, has a pretty fun multiplayer component, and it doesn’t cost anything to play (except for the initial cost of buying the game). I would pay for Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, but I’d expect game breaking bugs to be fixed faster. In particular, the Vanguards’ Biotic Charge has been broken since the multiplayer demo back in February. Yes, February. Essentially, if you get killed as you’re initiated a Biotic Charge, you charge into the ground. You start clipping into the geometry of the map and after a couple minutes, you’re so fucked into the geometry that you can’t do anything. You can’t attack enemies, but you keep taking damage. You’re a liability to your squad. Should you squad happen to all get wiped out on a non-mission wave, you’ll sit there in limbo, stuck in the geometry, and the only way they’ll get their deserved XP and credits is for you to quit, and for you to lose everything.

Supposedly, today’s patch is supposed to fix this. Great! Only took three months! But, it’s comments like this that make me think that Bioware thinks the players are assholes for complaining that things don’t work right. I know it’s a free-to-play model. The multiplayer is being funded by people buying Microsoft points to buy reinforcement packs that are totally random. If you ever go to the Bioware forums (Trust me. You shouldn’t.), you’ll see that the people who spend the most time playing (and subsequently complaining about bugs in the game) are not paying for credits. The nature of random unlocks makes spending real money on the game hard to swallow. If the money you spent on credits could be spent on anything you wanted, I probably would’ve dumped some money into the game to unlock and level up a Talon or a Paladin. Since the game isn’t competitive, I don’t see why this would be bad. We’re all on the same team. Me having a really powerful weapon isn’t hurting anyone.

It was also super annoying when the Resurgence Pack came out and for the first 24-48 hours, the existing reinforcement packs you could buy didn’t have any of the new characters or weapons in them. Bioware never said they wouldn’t, but they were more than happy to let people spend real money to buy game credits in hopes of unlocking a new character. Had I not checked the Bioware forums, I too might have wasted a bunch of credits.

I’d pay for DLC packs if I just got the characters right away with a little bit of an XP boost to start out. I will not, however, pay for credits that can only buy random unlocks. I commend those that do, because it means that I get to play the game for free. But I’d rather the DLC just cost 5 bucks a pop and I get everything at once.

I know a lot of the people that worked on Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 are gone. I know that Casey Hudson, who was supposed to be the guardian of the Mass Effect universe, let the franchise fall apart (Mass Effect: Deception and Mass Effect 3′s God awful ending), but Mass Effect 3 and its accompanying multiplayer are really fun to play. Where Mass Effect had a fantastic story but wasn’t really fun to play, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 turned the series around to where the main story was bad (the personal stories were fantastic though!) and the combat got much better. Mass Effect 2 is still a fun game to replay just in combat terms, and Mass Effect 3′s combat is so much fun, I’ve put three times as much time into the multiplayer (if not more) than I did in the single player side of the game. Because of Mass Effect 3′s ruining of the story for me, I’ll have to be okay just having fun playing the multiplayer until the inevitable rejiggering of the single player story in the Extended Cut DLC that hopefully doesn’t come out while I’m in the US and unable to play it!

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer: Drells


Drell Adept

  • Reave is a lasting attack. It drains health, adds damage protection, can be buffed against armor and barriers and can set up or trigger biotic explosions.

  • Pull is useful against health-only enemies. It can get them out of the fight and give you a chance to focus on bigger enemies. It will also strip Guardians of their shields and you can detonate it with Reave.

  • Cluster grenades causes multiple explosions, cover a wide range and can detonate biotic explosions. Reaving a group of enemies and hitting them with grenades does huge damage and if very effective against tough enemies like Atlases, Primes and Brutes.

  • The Drell are frail but they are quick and agile. You get movement speed bonuses and you get a very good encumbrance bonus that allows you to have fast cool downs with even heavy weapons. A Drell Adept might do well to take a sniper rifle or a scoped pistol.

Drell Vanguard

  • A Vanguard’s most important attack is its charge. The Drell Vanguard is no different. With a fast cool down, you can charge every 3.5 seconds or so.

  • Pull is useful against health-only enemies. It can get them out of the fight and give you a chance to focus on bigger enemies. It will also strip Guardians of their shields and you can detonate it with Biotic Charge.

  • Cluster grenades causes multiple explosions, cover a wide range and can detonate biotic explosions. They are very effective against tough enemies like Atlases, Primes and Brutes. Helps if you have a Warp-capable squad mate to set up biotic detonations.

  • The Drell are frail but they are quick and agile. You get movement speed bonuses and you get a very good encumbrance bonus that allows you to have fast cool downs with even heavy weapons. A Drell Vanguard can have over 150% cool down bonuses with decently upgraded shotguns. Charge → shotgun → Cluster Grenades can be very powerful against big enemies, especially if you’ve got a fast firing/high damage weapons and the 25% power bonus after a charge.

Mass Effect 3′s Ending

Attention! Major Mass Effect 3 spoilers ahead!

There’s been a lot said about Mass Effect 3 and its ending(s) over the last few weeks. I heard rumblings about the discontent with it while I was still playing the single-player campaign and I went into the ending expecting to be a little disappointed. In my gameplay diary, I pointed out how frustrated I was with the shoehorning-in of Kai Leng as a big baddie after having been only in the novels up till this point, and that his execution was a little hollow. You feel good about killing him not because he was a worthy adversary but because he was a cheap enemy and you’re just glad to be rid of him.

The assault on Earth (at least on Insanity) is a mess of endless enemies. I was also seriously miffed that Morinth (who I let live in Mass Effect 2) shows up as a banshee and it would seem as though there’s no way to save her from this fate. Then, during your final push, the game has a silly missile fuck up so that you have to guard a second missile battery against another seemingly endless wave of enemies.

Then there’s the beam. While the beam gave us Marauder Shields (all hail him!), any time a game starts with the “slow motion walking” I want to strangle it. (MGS4!!!) I’m fully on board with the Indoctrination Theory that’s been floating around out there. The trees from Shepard’s dream are mysteriously on the battlefield and Shepard has the headaches once he’s up on the Citadel. His pistol has an endless supply of ammunition and the only reason for this would be the “destroy” ending. I hope that the Indoctrination of Shepard was the goal of this “ending” and that the original goal of Mass Effect 3 was to have the “destroy” option wake Shepard back up so that he could fight through the Indoctrination and ultimately defeat the Reapers and save the day.

My hope and my fear is that Bioware was going to pull off this Indoctrination trick and it would’ve really been the best ending of any game up to now. However…do to either pressure from EA or a self-imposed deadline, they didn’t get the real ending they wanted done out. It’s a real shame if this is the case. I’m afraid/hopeful that they’re going to put out the true ending as DLC. If it’s paid DLC it’s just going to piss people off even more because they’re having to pay for the real ending or they’ll put it out as free DLC which won’t piss anyone off except that the initial experience of playing Mass Effect 3 will have been forever ruined.

Mass Effect 3 Critique

March 9, 2012


Maybe it’s because I’ve played the opening on Earth way too many times, but I hate it now. I hate two particular points. There’s this point where Shepard and Anderson come across a couple husks and you have to shoot them. Even if you don’t shoot them, they just run away from you. Even if you do shoot them, they keep coming till you run out of ammo and Anderson tells you that you need to get moving. The second part is after you’ve hailed the Normandy and you’re holding your position till it arrives. You can’t proceed until you empty both of your weapons’ clips. It’s kind of lame, because my imported level 30 Vanguard can charge into the enemies, decimate them and it won’t move anything along because I’ve got to run out of ammo for the sake of Bioware’s attempt at dramatic tension. Playing the game on Insanity as I am makes this a pain, because instead of just killing everyone in the most effective way, I have to crouch behind cover and keep from getting killed while I pop off enough rounds to trigger the Normandy’s arrival. It’s stupid and I am disappointed that Bioware would sacrifice playability for a false sense of tension.


Right away after getting off of Earth, you’re off to Mars. You go looking for information from the Prothean Archives there and this is pretty classic Mass Effect combat. What I was surprised at, was my leveled up Vanguard was able to wipe out the Cerberus forces all by himself. Ashley and Vega did almost nothing. Hell, because I used the Biotic Charge to zip all the way down the hill, I killed everyone before they even got involved in the fight. Thankfully, you run into Liara really quickly, and you’re able to dump Vega. I don’t see myself using him much. I don’t need a soldier class squad mate and Freddie Jr.’s Latino act is wearing thin after just a couple hours into the game. If that motherfucker calls me “Loco” one more time, I’m putting him out the airlock.

There’s also the bit at the end where you’re chasing down the synthetic operative after the talk with The Illusive Man (TIM). The game wants you running after her, but again the Vanguard can charge at her and always catch up. At one point, I was actually ahead of her. And, my maxed out biotic charge should do damage to her shields, but again, for the sake of the story, Bioware ignores logic and makes her invulnerable so that she can slam Ashley’s head into the wall and hospitalize her. I understand they’ve got the Ashley/hospital story they want to do, so why not just make the whole thing a cutscene? Why bother making it playable if the powers you have don’t do a damn thing? It’s not fun and it doesn’t ring true.

The Citadel

Still not in control of your destination, you’re off to The Citadel. You can go visit Ashley and meet Dr. Chakwas (Dr. Annoying and Useless) and before that you can pickup your new embedded reporter Jessica “We Want IGN to Like US” Chobot. I took her along because I’m sure she’s useful and she added a whole 5 War Assets to my readiness. There are a couple side missions you can overhear and get added to your journal and you can buy a medi-gel upgrade at the hospital. Then you’ll talk to the Council and get blown off, and then you get a job from the Turian councillor to go help out the Turians and I guess gain them as allies for the fight back on Earth. I swear they said The Citadel was bigger than ever, but so far it’s looking pretty small. Maybe more of it opens up later.

March 12, 2012

The Citadel

So, The Citadel got much bigger. As the story progressed new places kept opening up. It still doesn’t feel as big as The Citadel from Mass Effect, but it feels bigger than the one in Mass Effect 2. Like the Normandy, there are lots of background conversations going on and sometimes you can join in on them a bit or pick up side missions by overhearing something being needed. Your crew also shows up at various places on The Citadel and from time to time they’ll have longer scenes with Shepard and you get a lot of character development. They really do add a lot to the experience of working with a team in a way that building a huge team that you had pretty shallow experiences with in Mass Effect 2.


I was hoping to actually see the Turian home world, but since that’s being fucked up by the Reapers, one of its moons will have to do Menae is a pretty bland mission. You’re on a rocky moon and everything is gray. The ground is gray. The Turians are gray, and the husks you have to fight are gray. It’s pretty gray. It’s not hard except for the brutes and marauders you fight at the end of the mission.


Now you’re onto to rescue the female Krogan that you’ve probably played a million times from the demo. There’s more to it in the main game, and it’s exactly what I played at TGS.

Grissom Academy

Fucking Atrium. Most of Grissom Academy isn’t that hard, even on Insanity. The Atrium though, is a nightmare. It’s a courtyard battle that reminds me of the bullshit courtyard battle near the end of Gears of War 2. You don’t really need to defeat every enemy on the battlefield, just enough to trigger certain doors to open. The first door leads to a hallway that loops around so you can get to the back of the Atrium and the second one is in the back of the Atrium and leads to the guy we rescued from Project Overlord. I still have no idea how I got those doors to open, I’m just glad they did.


The Krogan home world is just as brown as it was in Mass Effect 2. There are more missions here now. The part where you kill a Harvester is pretty cool, but the final Harvester encounter is a bit of a pain in the ass. I’d say I was stuck there for 30-40 minutes (on Insanity).


I didn’t want to break my promise to the Krogans, so I warned them about the Salarians’ tampering with the Shroud. This meant that Mordin would fix the Shroud and cure the genophage. What I wasn’t expecting was that Mordin would have to die in order to fix it. I guess that if I hadn’t warned them, maybe Mordin wouldn’t have died, but my conscious wouldn’t allow me to let the Krogan believe that the genophage had been cured when it really hadn’t. So while Mordin died, I saved a race that we’ll hopefully be extremely grateful for the sacrifices we made.

The Rachni

So, no matter if you saved the Rachni Queen in Mass Effect or not, the Rachni are in Mass Effect 3. Kinda lame, but it turns out the Reapers create an artificial Rachni Queen if you killed the real one. If you allow the fake one to live, she will eventually turn on you.

Attack on the Citadel

I was surprised that The Citadel gets attacked mid-game. You get to shoot Udina and meet Kai Leng who I had read about in the novels. I don’t remember him having biotics in the books, but all of a sudden, he’s got shit glowing from his hands. Whatever, they retconned a bunch of stuff in Mass Effect 3. I’m over it. I was sad to see Thane die, but it seems like it’s an inevitable death for Thane, who was terminally ill to begin with.

After the attack, you can still go to The Citadel, but it’s not all fucked up and injured people are everywhere and smoke is billowing up from lower levels. It’s a nice touch. There’s a side mission with Zaeed where if he was loyal in Mass Effect 2 he survives, and if he wasn’t loyal in Mass Effect 2, he dies in Mass Effect 3. My Mass Effect 2 Zaeed wasn’t loyal (the only one who wasn’t) and the bastard dies on me. I would’ve liked to have his war assets, but I’m guessing I’ll be okay without him. It’s kind of a fitting end for a shitbag like Zaeed anyway.

The Quarians and Geth

So, after the attack on The Citadel, you finally meet up with the Quarians and sabotage a Geth dreadnaught where you run into Legion and find out that rewriting the Geth in Mass Effect 2 was a really bad idea. Turns out that it made the heretic Geth turn to the Reapers all the more readily and made everything worse for everyone. There’s a great bit of dialogue with Legion back on the Normandy that says something like “You made the choice you thought was correct at the time. We make our choices and we can’t go back and change them.” I think this was less for Shepard and more for the player. I wound up telling Legion that hindsight being 20/20, I wish I had destroyed the heretic Geth.

You also meet up with Tali again and I rekindled my romance with her. Liara finds out and when I take both of them out on the Geth mission, Liara makes a comment about me and Tali being together. I loved that Bioware worked that into the story. I thought it real life, it would be a little awkward taking both of your girlfriends out on missions and Bioware made sure it was. There’s also some banter between Tali and Shepard while you’re walking around on the dreadnaught that’s a little suggestive and EDI chimes in over the wireless to remind Liara that in Mass Effect 2, Shepard and Tali started fucking each other. I’m sure Liara appreciated that.


I’ve found that I’ve been playing things quite Paragon in Mass Effect 3. It’s not a conscious choice, but I’m trying to get as many people to work with me and I didn’t want to lie to Wrex after all we’d been through together. I still have more Renegade points than Paragon points, however. I’ve been rough with people I don’t need. I’ve also made it a point to be hard on Vega whenever possible, although I was supportive of his decision to accept the N7 commendation.

I also really like Cortez and Traynor. While Vega is a useless party member (so is Ashley, always was), Cortex and Traynor have great voice acting and are interesting characters. Vega’s a brash asshole and Freddie Prinze Jr.’s fake latino bullshit is annoying. I tried sleeping with Traynor but that didn’t work, and I have a feeling that with as nice as I was being with Cortez that if I wasn’t already fucking Tali, Shepard would’ve turned gay.

Lastly, I hate Diana, but I still tried fucking her. I’m a scumbag, I know.

March 13, 2012

OMG, the Geth

I have always liked the Geth. Not the things they do, necessarily, but I love the concept of the Geth. I also sympathized with the Cylons in BSG, so go figure. Mass Effect has always done interesting stuff with the Geth. In Mass Effect they were kind of faceless and they were annoying enemies when you were stuck fighting them in the Mako, but in Mass Effect 2, they really became much more interesting. The Geth battles in Project Overlord were great and the stuff with Legion was fantastic. I loved getting more backstory about the history of the Geth and the Quarians.

Mass Effect 3 has even cooler Geth stuff. The mission where you sabotage the dreadnaught and meet Legion has a tough and slightly annoying battle, but the virtual reality bit where you’re only shooting Reaper code inside the Geth server is different and cool and you get even more background about the Quarians’ history with the Geth. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I want prequel games including one covering the Morning War.

I also played through the bit where you rescue the Quarian admiral last night as well. I’ve gotten very effective at fighting Geth. I maxed out Energy Drain and I’m taking Tali with maxed out Energy Drain and Garrus with maxed out Overload and I’m mopping the floor with the Geth.

My plan tonight is to do the one remaining side mission on my board, an Asari distress call, and then take on the Reaper base on Rannoch. I’m coming my Quarian friends. I want your fleet.

March 14, 2012


I wound up the Geth/Quarian stuff last night. I managed to end the war, gain the Geth as allies (with Legion’s demise) and brought the Quarians home. At the same time, I got to see lots of great stuff with Shepard and Tali. Tali told me she loved me and as a reward for being so awesome, she gave me a photo of herself, unmasked. After all this time, I finally got to see what she looks like. I was afraid the Quarians might be hideous under there, but earlier in the game, Javik did mention the Quarians always being quite attractive. There’s still that three fingers and toes thing, but I can look past that. Where as Liara is always moody and distant, Tali is always affectionate and it turns out, Tali’s hotter than Liara.

The Asari and Thessia

The first Asari encounter I had was the Ardat Yakshi monastery where apparently Morinth’s sisters were. I just got curious and checked the Mass Effect wikia about Morinth and found out she winds up being an enemy later on. Shit. Turns out that like with rewriting the Geth, not killing Morinth in Mass Effect 2 was a bad choice. Samara’s story stuff in Mass Effect 3 looks much cooler and she winds up being an ally.

On Thessia, there’s a lot of tough banshees to deal with, but nothing too daunting. You get to learn a little bit about the Reapers’ roll in the cycle of destruction and then Cerberus comes to fuck your shit up. Kai Leng again has biotics somehow even though he didn’t have them in the books, and he steals your new Prothean stuff. Thessia’s in ruins and your off to Horizon to hopefully track down The Illusive Man and fuck his shit up.V

March 15, 2012


I went into Horizon expecting it to look like it did in Mass Effect 2. I liked getting to see the kind of lab Paul Grayson was in in Mass Effect: Retribution. The Illusive Man never ceases to amaze me with his control issues. He can’t just kill the Reapers, he has to control them. It’s also scary that he would lure in humans to experiment on them, seeing as Cerberus is supposed to be pro-human. The game’s codecs, however, say that Cerberus is less pro-human and more anti-alien. I guess I can see the difference there.

I really loved the scene after Horizon with Tali in the lounge getting drunk. There’s a great bit where Tali is explaining how she gets alcohol into her enviro-suit and she references an “Emergency Induction Port” and Shepard says, “That’s a straw, Tali.” And she talks about Miranda and thinking she was a bitch, but she respected her as a soldier and respected her for opposing her own father. Tali also tells Shepard how Tali’s father wouldn’t like Shepard and that he’d never believe she had a human boyfriend.

Cronos Station

So now Shepard’s off to take down The Illusive Man (and Cerberus). You have to take EDI along with you, so I’m hoping there will be some great EDI stuff like there was for Legion and the Geth in the virtual interface sequence when you took down the Geth fighter squadron. I got past the front line before I had to stop playing for the night so hopefully tonight I’ll be able to kill The Illusive Man and then make my return to Earth to sort out the Reaper invasion.

Mass Effect 3 Critique

Don’t know if you knew this, but at the top of the site is a link to “ME3″. Here you’ll find my spoilerrific semi-daily updated critique of Mass Effect 3 as I play through it. I’m not making it a blog post because people might accidentally have something ruined for them story-wise, but it’s here if you want to read it.

Mass Effect 3: Krogan Soldier

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I think I’ve figured out the Krogan soldier in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. I was having a hard time with it at first. I was carrying too many weapons and I was dying every time I got in close. I unlocked the Claymore Shotgun and decided to go one weapon only. I’m still not sure if it’s the best solution, because I miss half the time (or the game’s glitching!). I’ll try again with an assault rife. The Krogan’s best weapon is his melee. The Carnage ability is powerful, but it’s slow to cooldown. The Inferno Grenade is quite useful, but you could run out and pumping precious ability points into grenades in the early levels of your Krogan’s life seem wasteful. What I would suggest is to pump up Fortification. I hardly used it at first, because the shield improvement it gives you isn’t really noticeable visually, but it’s there. You can enable Fortification without starting a cooldown that might affect your Carnage. This can allow you to fire Carnage, fire some rounds at a distant enemy and keep your shields up. Then you can charge towards the enemy, purge the Fortification and give your melee a 75% damage increase and heavy melee everything in sight. I found it to be a very good use of the Krogan’s strengths and I decimated the Cerberus enemies in the demo. If you have a Krogan unlocked and haven’t had much luck, give this strategy a try before you get too frustrated.

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